Henry Polic II (1945-2013)

Henry Polic II (February 20, 1945 – August 11, 2013) was an American screenwriter as well as voice actor, and was best known on Webster as Jerry Silver.

In the 1980s, Henry Polic II was frequently regarded as a popular guest player in numerous game shows. The most common guest slots have been on several Pyramid events, as he has repeatedly featured the $ 25,000 Pyramid and Dick Clark, as well as John Davidson's hosted versions of the $ 100,000 Pyramid for Producer Bob. Stewart. Henry Polic has also done countless other works, as well as hosting the 1986 Double Talk game show, the 1988 pilot resurrection Q, and tax-sharing announcements with Dean Goss and Johnny Gilbert on the 100,000 Pyramid. USD. The specialties of the policy included regional and foreign accents, baritone singing and ballroom dancing.

From the early 1990s until his death, Henry Polic was probably best known in Batman as the scarecrow's first accented British voice: the animated series. Initially he had a deep, angry tone, but eventually he raised his voice to fit the role. While working at Florida State University, Henry Polit visited the Theater's Production School at a Carol production, where in 1996 he played as Scrooge. In addition to Henry Polic's playing performance, he also hosted Double Talk from 1986 to 1987.

Veteran actor Henry Polic II has acted as Nottingham sheriff in the Mel Brooks series and also when Things Were Rotten, as well as Webster's Jerry Silver, died at age 68 after a long illness with cancer.

Henry Polic was a well-known game show player, frequenting the $ 25,000 Pyramid and his possible manifestation, the $ 100,000 Pyramid, of which the Police hosted Dick Dick. In addition, Henry has also been a host of the game show and has also run ABC's Double Talk since 1986. In addition to being a popular game show host, Henry Polic acted as Dracula briefly in NBC series from the '70s Monster Squad and has guest starred in numerous shows, including Mork & Mindy, Alice, Eight Is Enough, Sheena, Murder, She Wrote, and As Saved by the Bell. In addition to Batman's work on Police, he has given his voice in the Smurfs series and other different series, such as Dukes and midnight patrol, as well as the happy day band.

On Webster, Henry Polic acted as Jerry Silver, a confidant, as well as secretary to Katherine (Susan Clark), who had 54 episodes throughout the series and ran on 1983-1989 on ABC, as well as in the syndicate.

Born in 1945 in Pittsburgh, Henry Polic attended Florida State University and earned his master's degree in acting. After graduation, he was enrolled and stationed at Kansas Fort Riley, and later connected with Missouri's Tent Theater, and Miami's Player's Theater, to name but a few. In the early 1970s, Henry Polic moved to Los Angeles, where he made his television debut as Nottingham Sheriff in 1975 and also in the comedy When Things Were Rotten, which featured Richard Gautier as Robin Hood.

Henry Polic also had film credits that included, Joan Rivers from 1978, Beau Geste Last Remake from 1977, Oh 1980, Lord! Book II, then 2000 Bring It Home and Finally Everything You Need Since 2001. Henry Polic has appeared in over 70 local and regional productions, including the global premiere of the Broadway hit hit Sister Act, through who initiated the role of Bishop Howard. Other theatrical credits in which he played and Policeman were the 1776 production of Civic Light Long Beach, West's Never Gonna Dance Music Theater, Putting It Together, Is This Your Life and the world premiere of A Couple of Guys at the Movies. . Henry Polic's directorial credits include Hollywood's Fools for the Actors Cooperative, as well as Ventura Rubicon Theater; Jim Geoghan's World Premiere of Two Gentlemen of Corona; Nebraska world premiere production; both New York and Los Angeles Brine County wedding productions; and a record production of Dracula.

The cop was a host for the event and celebrity bidder, who helped raise over $ 2 million for charities throughout the year, such as the Cancer Care Foundation, the Adam Walsh Foundation, the Diabetes Association of America and Leukemia Foundation. Police taught an acting class for the film room at the Los Angeles Emerson College Center and also taught an acting course at the Academy of American Dramatic Arts. Henry Polic was also a member of The Act Actors since 1973 and a member of a Western council organization, which recognized him with the status of emeritus. In addition, a scholarship memorial fund was founded on behalf of Henry Polic in the state of Florida, which provides funding to help produce new annual works for Theater Schools.

Henry Polic II is a regular face among the audience in his various films, television and stage roles, and is also for his acclaimed plays as a theater director. Henry Polic was passionate about his work in the theater, and some of his acting credits included regular serial roles in Webster comedies as well as in classic TV series. In addition, he has had several guest starring roles, such as Sheena, She Spies, Cosby, News Radio and Profiler. In addition to acting credits, Henry Polic also has film credits, which include All you need, Beau Geste Last Remake, Traces of the Old, Bring Him Home, Oh God, Book II, Road and Rabbit are testing a Joan River comedy.

Below is a detailed list of Henry Polic's best-known works:

• CREDITS – Appearances on stage

  • Room Service, 1987
  • A Christmas Carol Scrooge, School of Theater, Florida State University, 1996
  • Politics also appeared in The Last Pad; Boys in the Band, Boysin the Band; a Broadway production; fantastic; The man from La Mancha; Pal Joey and 1776, Is your life? Civic Light operates Long Beach; The Tamarind Theater.

• CREDITS – Direction of stages

  • Bridal Country Wedding, 1996

• Movie appearances

  • Captain, Beau Geste Last Remake, 1977
  • Scavenger Hunt, empty cop, 1979
  • (Himself) Oh, Lord! Psychiatrist 5, Book II, 1980
  • Stephen Tarlow, Double Trouble, 1992
  • James / MacBeth, Scott's Play, 1999
  • Bring it home, 2000
  • Everything you need Mr. Etheridge, 2001
  • Valette, 2002
  • Button the King, Will I Lie to You ?, 2002

• Television appearances – Series

  • (TV debut) Nottingham Sheriff and When Things Were Rotten, 1975
  • Ordinary summer and fall show, 1976
  • Yo Yogi, 1991
  • The monster team, Count Dracula, 1976-1977
  • Jerry Silver, Webster, 1983-1987
  • Combustion, 2004
  • Morton and Hayes, 1991
  • Voice of, All-New Scooby as well as Scrappy-Doo Show, 1983, (animated).
  • Talk show presentation, Double Talk / Celebrity Double Talk, 1986
  • Children's show for Tom and Jerry 1990
  • Assistant Teacher, $ 100,000 Pyramid, Syndicate, 1992
  • Potsworth and Company, 1990
  • Hollywood Chaos, 1989
  • Super password, 1994
  • Body language, 1984
  • Alice, 1977

• Short series

  • Mark Steiner, Scruples, 1981

• Movies

  • I Yabba-Dabba Do, voice, 1993 (animation)
  • Doc Thompson, Animal Planet, the Old Drum trail, 2000

• Pilots

  • Heck's Angels, 1976
  • McNamara & # 39; s Band, Schnell, 1977

• Special

  • Survival of the 70's and maybe Bump into Happiness, 1978
  • Voices of the Wolf Leader and Tracker, Christmas Special of The Smurfs (animated), 1986
  • Bob Hope's Yellow Ribbon Party, 1991


  • Man, the bionic woman, 1976
  • Failure, Walter, 1977
  • The Jewel Thief / I Want To Get Married, Marty, 1978
  • The War between Bradford, Eight Is Enough, 1978
  • Dr. Phillips, 1979
  • Hooray for Bulgaria, 1979
  • Donald, The Incredible Hulk, 1980
  • Pierre, "Appellant / convenient marriage / no girls / witness to criminal prosecution", Love Boat, 1980
  • Redding Jay, "The Maltese Air Bag", Eight Is Enough, 1980
  • "Guinness on Tap", 1981
  • Bors, "The perfect volcano / husband", 1981
  • Frederick, "Very rare among wines", 1982
  • Francois, Burglars of Beauty, Lacey and Cagney, 1982
  • Randy Turner, "We Knew When to Own Them, 1983
  • My Way, Ivo, E.R, 1984
  • Gun Shy, 1983
  • E.R, Dr. Raja, 1984
  • Stern Roy, Hotel, Illusions, 1985
  • Guest, $ 100,000 Pyramid, 1985
  • According to Alan, "Home fires keep burning," Omor, she wrote, 1986
  • Bishop Arthur, "Old Lady", Omor, she wrote, 1989
  • "Something new, something old", brothers, union, 1989
  • The voice of the mayor of the city, "For Who the Bells Klang: 2" (animation), Tale Spin syndicated, 1990
  • Vincent Val, "Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow", were out of space, 1991
  • Daffy Dicks, Maitre & Hayes & Morton, 1991
  • Dark Room, 1982
  • The Voice of the Scared / Jonathan Crane, Fear Nothing, Batman (animation; also called The Adventures of Batman and Robin, as well as Batman: Animation of the Series), 1992
  • The Voice of the Scared / Jonathan Crane, Fear of Victory, Batman (animation; also called The Adventures of Batman and Robin, as well as Batman: Animation of the series), 1992
  • The Voice of the Scared / Jonathan Crane, Dreams in the Darkness, Batman (also known as the Adventures of Batman and Robin, as well as Batman: the animation of the series), 1992
  • Mr. Bainbridge Saved by the Bell, "Snow White and the Seven Dams", 1992
  • The Voice of the Scared / Jonathan Crane, Harley's Vacation, Batman (animation; also called The Adventures of Batman and Robin, and Batman: The Animation of the Series), 1994
  • Detective School, 1979
  • The voice of Scarecrow / Jonathan Crane, Lock-Up, Batman (animation; also called The Adventures of Batman & Robin, as well as Batman: the animation of the series), 1994
  • Verne Jules, Eighty Arms Around the World, Mighty Max, 1994
  • Richard, The Crisis of Three Carats, Profiler, 1999
  • Island Fantasy, 1978 – 1981
  • Sheena, Wild Thing, Syndicate, 2000
  • Rabbit Test, 1978
  • Superman, 1988
  • The strange new couple, 1982
  • Osborne Michael, She Spies, Gone Bad, Syndicate, 2003
  • Henry Polic presented as the first man the voice; Golden Palace, Don Coyote and Sancho Panda adventures (animation), syndicate; Yo! Voice Yogi; (animation); and as the voice of SuperTed (animation).

• Television

  • Additional Voices, Scooby as well as Scrappy-Doo (animated), ABC, 1979
  • Additional Voices, The Smurfs (animation; also known as Smurf's Adventures), 1981


In short, Henry Polic II, a television personality of almost forty, died at the age of 68. The actor started his career in 1975 with ABC, playing as Nottingham Sheriff. He then went on to play briefly in the 1970s series Dracula, Monster Squad, and later played a dozen shows, such as Mork and Mindy, Saved by the Bell, Alice, Eight Is Enough, Sheena. and Murder, She wrote.

Acting in various supporting roles, Henry Polic remained a popular face of television for American generations, from the 1970s until his death. In addition, he continued to achieve mainstream status for both children and adults, during his time, being the main voice of Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow on Batman: the animated series.

When it came to opinions, people's opinions were very similar to Henry Polic II's, he was exceptional and generally considered a good actor as a whole. In addition to all these remarkable beliefs, Henry Polic was a well-known game show competitor, defending the $ 25,000 Pyramid and future editions. Throughout his career, Henry Polic has never confined himself to a particular or specific public profile and, although his roles have generally been resigned to supporting roles, he has rarely appeared in many types of similar categories on television and movies.

Unfortunately, the actor's life, as well as his career, were short lived due to the illness. Cancer stopped Henry Polic. Henry Polic died at the age of 68 in Sherman Oaks, California, and is survived by his sister, a nephew and two nieces.