Let the Spirit move you

After so many sailing cruises in Silversea, I struggled with what to say about our 14-night transatlantic sailing that was never mentioned. If you want to read about an incredible Silversea service, you could go up to our first Silver Whisper sailing in 2002. Fast forward to 2009 if you want to read about a memorable anniversary dinner at Le Champagne on my birthday during our cruise. on the Silver Wind from Africa. And if you want to know how we feel about Silver Spirit, I was only with her in 2010 when we sailed from Santiago, Chile, to Acapulco, Mexico. What can we say about Silversea that we have not said before? But cruise reviews are instant in time. A cruise line or a ship can be great one year and not so great in the next. As ships age, crew members come and go, and the dynamics can change. So, when a cruise line like Silversea continues to "understand" it year after year, it is more than worth noting, it is historic. And let's face it: some things simply repeat themselves.

When we arrived at Bridgetown, Barbados, to board the Silver Spirit, we really felt like we were returning home. We see the crew members that we remember from cruises over the years and many remember their names. Even some of the other guests look familiar and we know that we have sailed with them on Silversea before. So we weren't too surprised when Roland, our excellent butler from Silver Shadow in China last year, greeted us when we arrived at our beautiful Silver Suite (1106) this year.

Boarding is always as smooth as glass on Silversea. Why don't every cruise line greet you on board with a glass of champagne? I don't know, do I? Anyone? Good? You only know that Silversea always does and has. Within five minutes of boarding, we were escorted to our silver apartment. Coming "home" couldn't be easier.


Silver Spirit is the newest and largest vessel in the Silversea fleet that went into service in 2010. We wondered if Silversea could offer the same level of service on a ship with 540 guests. Don't worry, Silversea offers excellent service regardless of the ship. The ship is masterfully designed so that it does not "feel" more than their other smaller vessels. The public spaces are spacious and comfortable. The interior decoration of the ship reflects an art deco design and presents more works of art than other Silversea ships. Silver Spirit is elegant, without being flamboyant.


Silversea has always had a reputation for spacious and luxurious accommodation. Even the most modest accommodations on Silversea deserve to be called "apartments". However, Silver Suite on Silver Spirit raises the bar for great design and comfort. Even though they are not the largest suites on the Silver Spirit, at 742 ft., The Silver Suites are more than twice as large as the base Verandah Suites.

The 26 Silver suites in Silver Spirit dominate decks 10 and 11 ahead and give occupants the feeling of being on a concierge level of a luxury hotel. Even the Observation Lounge on Deck 11 forward feels like a private retreat for Silver Suite guests, but of course it's available to every guest.

Entering the silver suite, guests walk down a hall to the dining room, where there is a round table, capable of sitting comfortably four. The table seems to accept a leaf that makes it larger and capable of hosting more. A very comfortable desk was soon consumed by the MacBook Pro, iPod and other devices. The office has four drawers and two large shelves. The only thing missing is several electrical outlets, a common surveillance of ship designers. There is a single 110 US outlet in the office. A small desk lamp and direct dial phone are the only items that occupy the office space.

A mini-fridge / bar / TV is located on the outside wall of the living room, with two large sliding doors on each side. A sophisticated espresso machine and an accessory occupy most of the space on this unit. Not having an espresso drink, I soon discovered that the machine and tray that hold espresso cups fit perfectly into the two shelves of the office unit. More space for my electronic equipment!

In front of the table there is the large sofa in the suite (which also turns into an extra bed), two chairs and a coffee table with a glass top. A small final table contains the Bang & Olufsen hi-tech CD / stereo player. A beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers decorated our coffee table.

Two large wooden sliding doors can be closed to completely isolate the master bedroom from any activity in the living room. This is useful for early mornings, when I want to work at the computer, get my coffee and watch Fox News while Rickee is asleep. I call the master bedroom, because the living room can be transformed into a bedroom by the sofa. The bedroom is spacious, elegant and very well appointed. The comfortable king size bed is flanked by two tables with lamps. A large makeup / vanity table with a large mirror is located near the bed and outside the traffic areas. Above the bed is another flat screen TV and storage unit, with several shelves hidden behind the doors.

Storage is the strong suit of the Silver Suite: the huge walk-in closet is not at all amazing and will even have guests on the Suite Suite occupants. You will never have to worry about running out of storage space in the Silver Suite. There are shelves everywhere, drawers and plenty of hanging space. A digital safe is inside a shelving unit, which was a perfect place for all cameras and video, and I have a lot of them.

Everything about the design of the bathroom is almost perfect. We can overlook the left-hand operation of the sink and simply be satisfied that there are two of them, not to mention a third in the powder room! A large shower room, lined with rich Italian marble, is spacious and has a spray gun with my hand stick (my favorite), as well as a rain head (Rickee's favorite) mounted in the ceiling. The shower even has a place! A full size Jacuzzi bath can be used for a soothing bubble bath and it was. I had the choice of bathroom facilities Ferragamo, Neutrogena or Bvlgari.

From the bathroom and the hallway of the suite there is a separate "powder room" with toilet and sink. Because the powder room is accessible from the lobby, it can be accessed by guests visiting your suite or others sharing the folding sofa, without invading your private bedroom space.

From the living room, there are two large sliding doors, which lead to a very spacious and well furnished veranda. Our veranda was equipped with a lounge chair, three wicker chairs, a large wicker ottoman and a small glass table, perfect for al fresco breakfast service.

After 14 days and nights in a silver suite, I should say I would easily rate 5 out of 5 on my graphic for comfort and design. It has more to it than almost any other suite we have enjoyed. In fact, the Silver Suite is so comfortable and spacious that it really feels like a home away from home.


Rickee and I are what you might call "experienced" cruises. After all, it is ours Business. We no longer feel it necessary to eat everything in sight when we are on a cruise. In fact, we try to maintain a fairly normal meal routine, not unlike the one we have at home. There are nights when you don't even go out for dinner, opting to stay in our suite and serve a light meal for room service. Fortunately, this is possible on Silversea. I can call Roland, our butler, at 7pm and order a Caesar chicken salad (one of my favorites), and a bowl of soup and Rickee might get an order with Asian spring rolls and a salad and that's it! I know it sounds boring, but it is we like and Silversea makes it possible.

Breakfast usually consists of Roland, bringing me hot water for my coffee and Rickee sleeping extra instead of the food. While most of the guests enjoy everything the amazing La Terrazza-type breakfast has to offer, we are in our suite, in our pajamas. On the port days, when we have to get up early for a trip, we will go to La Terrazza and order eggs, English bacon and Rickee likes pancakes. She also loves fresh fruits and is rich in La Terrazza. I have to rush to the mountains of bread and pastries to appease the low-carb Master I reluctantly serve. Breakfast is always in the restaurant on the day of landing. It is our tradition and we will not change it.

For lunch, we usually go to La Terrazza, and Rickee often enjoys nothing more than an excellent selection of salads. I tend to spend some quality time at meat stations, with a special focus on oriental dishes of the day. Of course, they have everything anyone could want on their beautiful buffet: a sculpture station that changes into every fried meat every day; fresh pasta station, to order; and yes, mountain bread … my bad temptation.


The restaurant is the traditional "cruise ship" dining spot on Silversea ships. However, the term "traditional" ends with the practice of offering three meals a day, with lunch and dinner menus changing daily. The Silver Spirit restaurant has a very welcoming decor and offers plenty of seating options for two, for those times when you want a little personal space. Guests can dine at any time and with anyone they wish (during working hours displayed) and no reservations are required.

Most guests skip the Restaurant for breakfast and lunch, choosing the delightful options offered at La Terrazza and the comfort of the buffet-style meal. In addition, dining on the deck is a great attraction when the weather is nice. So, if you prefer to have a quiet meal, consult the restaurant during these times. The service in the restaurant, like all dining places in Silversea, is crisp and efficient. A free red or white wine is offered for lunch or dinner. If the one offered is not to your liking, the wine steward will gladly try to find another one to your liking. Rickee and I like a semi-sweet Riesling, and after the first day, the wine stewards on board knew exactly what to pour for us. Now to stay Silversea!

The lunch and dinner menus change daily, with an emphasis on contemporary, healthy and regional cuisine. There are vegetarian options, wellness options and an oriental choice every day for lunch. And don't let the menus restrict you. If there is something you don't like on the menu, just ask. I like fried onion rings with my hamburger, but I'm not on the menu. No problem, all I had to do was ask and a plate of hot onion rings magically appeared! One evening, a small group of us wanted an Indian dinner. Again, this is not a problem. I made the request through our butler, Roland, and he prepared everything.

Le Champagne is the only Relais & Châteaux restaurant on the sea and can be found aboard every ship in the fleet, except for Silver Explorer. The menu at Le Champagne is continually changing to reflect the destination of the trip and offers guests an enhanced experience of authentic regional flavor. Guests can enjoy free wines or choose from Connoisseur's Rare Wine List, for a fee. On Silver Spirit, Le Champagne is an intimate, dark and elegant space, on deck 4, opposite Seishin and next to the Restaurant. A wine tower with floor to ceiling is the centerpiece of the Le Champagne setting. Certainly, Le Champagne is the most elegant and sophisticated alternative dining spot. The dress code in Le Champagne reflects the ship's daily dress code.

Reservations are required. The reservation fee for guests is 30 USD.

La Terrazza offers guests a selection of the best dishes in Italy. During the day, La Terrazza is the buffet restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Every evening, it is transformed into an intimate, romantic Italian dining spot. One of our favorites is fresh homemade pasta. And, no visit to La Terraza is complete without trying the Antipasto sampler platter. La Terrazza is the expression of Silversea's distinct heritage and partnership with Slow Food Promozione. The La Terrazza dress code is always informal or casual, depending on the evening dress code (no shorts or jeans, however), so for those looking for a casual alternative on formal nights, La Terrazza offers a delicious retreat.


Seishin Restaurant takes its name from the Japanese word for "spirit." This intimate restaurant aboard the Silver Spirit is located on Deck 4, across from Le Champagne and next to the Restaurant. Seishin specializes in Asian fusion cuisine, including regional dishes from Japan, as well as from China, Thailand, Vietnam and India. The central part of Seishin is the open sushi preparation station, where craftsmen can follow their artistic dishes being created by the sushi chefs. Seishin starts serving dinner every evening at 7.30pm and offers a selection of three set menus.

Seishin Teaser 1 is a 4-course tasting menu for seafood lovers. Teaser 2 is for those who prefer meat (poultry and beef) than fish. There is also a tasting menu with 8 dishes that combine seafood and meat. All Seishin menus start with a plate of sushi samples. However, I was able to request a special request instead of the Sushi platter (a Spicy Tuna Roll for me and a California Roll for Rickee). When browsing, there was a booking fee of $ 20 for Teaser 1 or Teaser 2 and a booking fee of $ 30 for the 8-course menu.

During the day at sea, Seishin offers a free sushi and sashimi bar for lunch. The dress code for dinner reflects the ship's daily dress code, but guests can dress informally and dine here on the formal night.


We first dined at STARS in 2010, during our South American sailing on the Silver Spirit. Even though I am confused about the culinary point of view of STARS, I continue to be impressed by what it offers. STARS is one of the most unique culinary experiences you will find on any cruise ship or onshore restaurant for that matter. Silversea tries to create the atmosphere of an art-deco-inspired big-city dining club, where jazz musicians and singers entertain guests while enjoying an elegant meal. To this end, STARS delivers. The menu is a set, with several courses, of regional and seasonal delicacies, which can be enjoyed in "bites" in tapas style.

The atmosphere in STARS is understated and elegant, not unlike the rest of Silver Spirit. The jazz duo of Michelle Yap and Seandrea Earls gives STARS a retro club feel and offers a show worth visiting at STARS even without a meal. The service is crisp, polished and efficient, and the preparation and presentation of the food is unrivaled. STARS is Silver Spirit's best-kept culinary secret.


Formerly called "Hot Rocks Grill", the Grill may have a new name, but the hot, volcanic, meat-making method remains the same. The Grill is one of the most popular alternative dining places on the Silver Spirit. Grill dress code is always casual and meals are served al fresco on decks 9 and 10 near the pool (weather permissible). The Grill menu is a paradise for meat lovers. On the menu is a thick steak with rib eye, mignon, beef, pork, lamb, shrimp and salmon.

In the most recent visit to The Grill, the meal starts with a basket of tortilla chips and guacamole bath. Free wines are offered with dinner (as in every Silversea dining place), so I chose a Cabernet from Chile. After a salad course, my rib eye steak was a thick plate of marbled beef, served on a 700-degree piece of volcanic stone. The interactive dining experience allows guests to cook their meat at the desired level. The easiest way is to cut the huge roast into smaller pieces to increase the surface area of ​​contact with the stone. Once the meat reached the medium (my preference), I began to move the pieces to the wooden base, where consumption soon followed. All meat dishes are accompanied by a baked potato and a vegetable brochure. A trio of dipping sauces adds an added flavor to the meat, which does not need any such help.

I am pleased to report that our most recent visit to The Grill reveals that this popular place is as good as we remembered.


As I mentioned earlier, many times, on a long cruise, Rickee and I will just stay in our suite, relax and enjoy the room service. Unlike most cruise lines, room service on Silversea is something to look forward to. It starts with our call to Roland, our butler, to place the order. Arrive with a tray with food and turn the dining table into an elegant table setting with a white table top, silverware and corn. It's like eating in the Restaurant, but with a TV! In fact, during lunch hours, you can order from the Restaurant menu and you can deliver items to the course-to-course suite if you wish.

Probably the most popular room service item is breakfast. Silversea offers books that you can complete and drop off the door of your suite the night before, so breakfast will be brought to your suite the next morning at the requested time. If you forget to fill in the card, just call your butler. We enjoyed breakfast in the room one morning and everything was delivered hot, fresh and delicious.

If you want, every afternoon, your butler can give you a selection of sofa in your suite. You can even order afternoon tea to be served in your suite. Nothing is impossible on a Silversea cruise!


Being the largest and newest vessel in the Silversea fleet, Silver Spirit is capable of accommodating 540 guests with a crew of 376. Even when fully sailing, the staff-to-guest ratio is one of the highest in the industry. The ship is designed so that even when fully sailing, guests will never feel crowded or crowded. Staying in line is an experience that Silversea guests have to endure less often.


One of the most popular meeting places on Silversea ships is The Bar. Usually located just behind the salon on other vessels, The Bar on Silver Spirit departs from this tradition and is positioned in the middle of the ship, almost as part of the reception area. Decorated in cold blue and gold, the Bar invites guests throughout the day to socialize and enjoy free cocktails, soft drinks or special coffees. There is a small dance floor, and musical entertainment is offered all day and evening.


Located on Deck 8 are the boutique shops. The collection of duty-free shops offers guests a wide range of jewelry, perfumes, watches, fashion and designer clothing. The objects of the Silversea logo have been extended and there is also a small selection of dryers in case you left home without sun protection or, in my case, a toothbrush!


The well-stocked library is located at the stern on deck 7, just in front of La Terrazza. There are hundreds of popular hardback titles arranged perfectly behind the glass doors. Unlike other ships, you do not have to "check" a book. Simply choose the book, take it with you and return it when you are done. What you won't find in the Library is a selection of DVD movies. Silver Spirit is the only Silversea ship with an interactive on-demand movie system that makes DVDs useless. There are more than 190 movies on the menu to enjoy in your suite and all are free!

Integrated into the Library is the Internet Cafe. There are seven workstations where guests can connect to the Internet to check email, internet browsing, etc. Internet rates are competitive with other cruise lines and can be purchased in discount packages:

  • Up to a minute .50 cents
  • 100 minutes for $ 45
  • 250 minutes for $ 85
  • 1000 minutes for $ 25

For those on longer cruises, the 1000-minute plan lowers the rate per minute to $ 0.25, the lowest I've seen on any ship. Internet service can also be accessed via the ship's Wi-Fi system and we had no problem getting a good connection from Silver Suite on Deck 11.


The fitness center on Deck 8 is a great place for guests to work from those extra pounds that come from indulging in all the excellent Silver Spirit dining. There is a very nice selection of treadmills, vertical and upright bicycles, elliptical trailers, free weights and weight machines. Free yoga, stretching, aerobic and Pilates courses are organized by the on-board fitness trainer. A personal trainer is also available for an additional fee.

The 8,300 square meter spa is a sanctuary of personal happiness. The nine treatment rooms, indoor / outdoor relaxation areas and outdoor whirlpool make this the most elaborate spa in the fleet. Guests can enjoy a wide range of therapies, including facials, body wraps, massages and even acupuncture.

Men's and women's saunas and steam rooms are a great way to relax before or after your spa treatment or after a workout. An outdoor seating area offers a bar service, so you can enjoy a free fruit smoothie, champagne or cocktail while soaking in the spa whirlpool.


Located to the end on Deck 11 is The Observation Lounge. This lounge is just steps from our silver suite (1106) and is a wonderful place to enjoy picturesque days at sea. Cocktails and couch are served here every evening before dinner, making it a relaxing alternative to The Bar on Deck 5.


Each Silversea ship has a Panorama Lounge and they are always popular gathering places for sweeping views of the ocean or port of call of the day. Often used for afternoon tea or as a nightclub, The Panorama is a great place to enjoy a cocktail before or after dinner. In our cruise, the team trivia is organized every day in Panorama.


No day would be complete without at least a visit to the Show Lounge on Deck 5. The big scene is flanked by two movie screens that bring you closer to the action. Show Lounge is a great place throughout the day for Silversea's extensive conference series, cooking demonstrations and big screen movies and, in the evening, production shows and entertainer shows. The places are comfortable and there is really no bad place in the house.


Casino on Deck 8 features roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines. Game tournaments were organized, and casino staff provided game lessons several times during the cruise. You must be 18 years old to play in the casino.


There is a medical center on board with a doctor and a nurse who are available 24 hours a day. Some medicines are available. The opening hours are printed in the Daily Chronicles. Make sure you have travel insurance because a doctor's visit to a ship is never cheap. Rickee developed what he felt was a cold about three days on the cruise and visited the Medical Center on board, where the doctor examined it and prescribed three drugs. The total tax was $ 195.40.

automatic washes

Even though Silversea offers laundry, pressing and dry cleaning services for a fee, there are also free self-service laundries, located near the front stairs, on decks 5-11.


Naval activities and entertainment become even more important when you are at sea for several days in a row. One of the reasons why some cruise aficionados are moving away from overseas is the fear that they will be boring. If there is a line between boring and relaxing, Silversea is firmly on the right side of this line. Cruise manager Don Fluke and his team did an excellent job of keeping guests busy with a variety of activities and entertainment options. Silversea arranged for a gentleman dance host to be on board to dance with the ladies.


Silversea has always had an excellent enrichment program, and this cruise was no exception. Over the years we have really come to enjoy the lecture series and let each cruise Silversea feel like we have learned something new. Silversea obviously underlines the enrichment of sailing for several days at sea. While browsing, we really enjoyed lectures by Morton Dean, former CBS and ABC correspondent. We especially enjoyed his videos from his Vietnam War correspondent missions. He and his wife Mary joined us on our 13-hour tour in Marrakech, Morocco.

In addition to Mr. Dean, there were three other informational readers on this trip. I previously sailed with Ambassador Adrian Sindall during a Silversea cruise in the Middle East a few years ago. It was nice to see him again and hear his excellent series on Middle East diplomacy and politics. Biologist Dr. George Losey educated us on all things oceanic, and Dr. Jerry Labriola enlightened us about crime and why criminals do what they do and have analyzed some famous lawsuits.

You probably won't find this anywhere else on the Internet. Below is the list of prizes and the number of points needed for each. And, of course, this can be changed at any time.


Silversea has renewed its entertainment program with a series of concert-style productions created exclusively for Silversea by Choozi Entertainment. Artists from Silversea presents a distribution of classically trained vocalists, and the new shows offer a unique variety of musical styles, including Motown, opera, pop and rock.

The evening entertainment on Silver Spirit begins at the Show Hall at 10pm most evenings. The artists from Silversea, the cadres of the classically trained vocalists, held four shows during our cruise: "FABBAlicious!" it was a tribute to ABBA; "Signed, sealed, delivered", presented Motown's music; and "Decades", was a musical extravaganza that brought to life famous celebrities. There was a production al fresco around the pool: "Voices … The song of Billy Joel." The band members were featured in their own shows. For example, James Martin played in "Best and Most on Broadway," and the funny Dian Meechai followed the scene in "An Evening with Dian Meechai." În plus, The Artists of Silversea poate fi găsit în spectacole în alte locuri din jurul navei. Am fost distrați de duo-ul de jazz al lui Michelle Yap și Seandrea Earls în timp ce am luat masa la STARS Supper Club. Michelle și Sonny au participat la piscină în timpul mesei noastre la The Grill. Alți animatori care au apărut în diferite locuri din jurul navei au inclus: pianistul, Alfredo; pianistul Eric O'Bach; Trio-spiritul de argint; și DJ Oskar.

Silver Spirit a prezentat mai mulți animatori invitați în Salonul Show. Spectacolul de pian Kyle Esplin a distrat și violonistul internațional, Ralph Allin i-a impresionat pe toți cu priceperea sa la vioară.


Așa cum am menționat anterior, Silversea oferă peste 190 de opțiuni de filme prin intermediul sistemului interactiv video / TV al navei. Toate filmele sunt gratuite și chiar puteți salva, întrerupe, rebobina etc. când vizionați un film. În ceea ce privește programarea televizată, aceasta implică mai ales canale de știri internaționale. CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, Sky News și BBC sunt disponibile. Există, de asemenea, mai multe canale de televiziune cu circuit închis care prezintă diverse informații legate de navă, cum ar fi vizualizarea de la camera de pe pod, informații despre excursii la mal, un canal Wine and Food, informații Spa & Boutique, precum și un canal în care puteți vizualiza refacerea. a prelegerilor de îmbogățire.


Ne-am întâlnit un cuplu la prânz în turul Marrakech. Mike este doctor în Kansas care călătorește cu soția sa Patty. Mike nu este pasionatul tău tipic de croazieră. Nu putea să-i pese mai puțin de nopțile formale, de trivia, de punctele Silversea sau chiar de prelegeri pentru această chestiune. Mark este după un singur lucru și un singur lucru: relaxarea. Ideea lui despre vacanța perfectă este relaxarea la piscină cu cartea lui preferată. El nu vrea să „trebuiască” să fie oriunde, la un moment dat. El obține suficient de mult în viața sa de zi cu zi. Cred că Mike exemplifică „Silversea Experience”. Pe Silversea, puteți face aproape orice doriți sau nimic deloc și puteți face acest lucru într-un stil inegalabil.

Silversea este întâmpinat cu un pahar de șampanie la îmbarcare. Silversea are un majordom care poate descoperi cum să conectezi iPod-ul la televizor pentru a reda un film. Silversea își face prieteni noi din întreaga lume. Silversea este o masă de 5 stele, chiar și în confortul suitei tale. Silversea vizitează destinații interesante și exotice. Silversea are personal care te sună pe nume. Silversea nu trebuie să semneze niciodată un bilet pentru o sticlă cu apă, un pahar de șampanie sau o băutură răcoritoare. Există și alte linii de croazieră grozave, dar există o singură Silversea.