5 tips for reducing flying obstacles

95% of Baby Boomers book their trip online and head to the nearest airport for a wonderful adventure. Here are some recommendations that might be useful to remember. Although you cannot anticipate any possibility, using these ideas should help you make your trip more enjoyable and help you arrive as planned.

1. Let the weather guide you, both at home and on your travel route. Listen to weather reports online and on TV. Call your airline before heading to the airport to see if the flight has been canceled or will be delayed due to weather considerations. Find out how much is recommended for arrival before your flight. Try not to make connecting flights in winter or in bad weather. A non-stop flight offers the best insurance of arrival at the destination, even if bad weather occurs. As we all know, the lack of a connecting flight can drastically change our travel itinerary!

2. Each month, the US Department of Transportation will issue a report on travel consumers. Please think about luggage. Do you want to carry your luggage with you during the trip? You can choose to pack a suitcase the right size to be taken as a carrier and make the second carrier a bag large enough to hold multiple items for easy accessibility. For information on flight delays, lost luggage, overcharges and consumer complaints, see this website http://www.dot.gov.

3. To track a particular flight, you may want to log on to http://www.trip.com or http://www.flightview.com to check the status of your flight. You will need your flight number , by the airline's name and airport call letters, such as DIA for Denver International Airport or MCI for Kansas City International Airport.

4. Are you interested in viewing the status of the operations of the largest airports in America? Log on to http://www.fly.faa.gov and you can find out what's happening at any airport in the country. You can also send real-time reports to your cellphone, email or other communication device.

5. Never book the last flight of the day, unless you don't mind spending the night in a hotel if your flight is canceled due to poor weather conditions on the travel route. Find out on which days the airlines have designated less travel days and try to choose those days when you make your travel plans.

Spending time planning and researching how to maximize your air travel options can be time well spent! Learning to book travel online is convenient, saves you time and money and expands your internet browsing knowledge to explore online travel options.