According to a search warrant issued by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Long Island Iced Tea, a company known for its cryptocurrency cryptocurrency market in 2017, has long been brilliantly referred to as blockchain, which is a sophisticated pump and injection. It is suspected that two people were wanted for securities fraud, including another company, Calvin Medical.

The FBI believes the company bought shares in the company before the rebranding was announced. The agency says it was sold shortly after the company’s apparent sharp shift in health.

Long Blockchain: A well-known trading program that is likely to be traded inside
It wasn’t just the most anticipated cynics who doubted Long Island Ace Tea’s decision to blockchain. The Farmingdale, New York company rolled out the final wave of mania for a technology-driven environment in December 2017, and a change in direction said its share price had fallen by almost 300%.

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Of course, Long Island Blockchain never tested its technology potential and its market value immediately dropped. The firm eventually fell out of the Nasdaq stock market.

More than a year later, the FBI found evidence that one person had received branding information, and two others had used it at almost guaranteed company value. Discriminatory media were discovered on iPhone when two people were arrested for securities fraud involving another company, Calvin Medical.

The order states that the informant, named CHS, provided evidence against these spouses in Long Blockchain and Calvin’s medical records. The first three phone calls are not intended to be a paper trail. As CHS said, Lindsay was called on December 20, 2017.