Top ten things I learned about Camiguin and the beach resort industry

I never imagined living on the shore of a beautiful island (Camiguin, Philippines) while owning and managing a small resort. Only God knows how many mistakes I make, but below I know ten things.
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1. Natural inhabitants are wonderful people, as are many foreigners. But some of the white wanderers act as if they own the island, and their armpits are not hindered (most certainly they do). Some live here, but they don’t seem to have jobs. You have to be nice to be rich.
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2. When it comes to hotel reviews, the presentation goes beyond the substance and the friendliness stirs the perfection. It seems that experiences can be easily forgotten, while the perception of those experiences goes nowhere.
3. The relaxed island attitude is excellent for the quality of life, but it is not so great for capital formation. Also, things last forever, which is why guys are better in Las Vegas or Dubai.
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4. The city of Mambajao will never be confused with Manhattan. (N.Y. or Kansas) Not self-aware. Its purpose is not to please the spectators; is to fulfill the goals of its citizens.
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5. Verbal reservations in the room are a little safer than “I love you” from an excited drink.
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6. There is a gap between my food tastes and those of the locals. And the markets seem more interested in the pleasure of the latter and are not so interested in the pleasure of the former. How can civilized people prefer fish rather than hamburgers and mangoes than chocolate cakes. Am I crazy here?
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7. Whenever a rooster crows (which is about every three seconds) I feel like I betrayed Jesus.
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8. Pale white skin is repulsive. In the states you don’t see it, but (like the Osaka garbage) you see it here. It already covers. And I’m included in that. I promise to never leave the house in anything other than a full suit.
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9. One of the most underrated things to do in Camiguin is coral diving near the White Island. The water is so clear and the colors of the fish are amazing. It’s like being in the middle of a National Geographic movie, except it’s even clearer and more colorful. I would have liked more, but I thought I noticed a sea snake.
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10. I hope I will never stop learning and know that I will never stop enjoying Camiguin and the resort business.
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